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The Nurtuary Preschool: first chapter of your child’s education journey

    Children matter. Thats why Nurtuary preschool have been providing childcare that keeps babies, preschoolers safe, loved and learning.

    Why choose ‘The Nurtuary Preschool’

    • Leading early learning programs
    • Highly qualified Teachers
    • Focus on physical development
    • Safe and nurturing environment for your child
    • Events & Celebrations

    Low Adults to Child Ratio

    In their programmes, they ensure a low adult to child ration of 1:10 which enables the facilitator to give individual attention the needs of each child.


    Q. How can a preschooler benefit from ‘The Nurtuary’ preschool?

    A. The benefits are numerous. Your child be a part of global curriculum (The Nurtuary being a member of International preschool curriculum), care, safety, hygiene, focus on physical and mental development, events & celebrations are few of the things.

    Q. Is ‘The Nurtuary’ counted among best preschools in panchkula?

    A. Definitely ‘The Nurtuary’ is considered among best preschools in panchkula and surrounding areas like baltana, dhakoli and zirakpur.

    Q. Is there a play area available?

    A. Yes. They have both indoor and outdoor play area which are equipped with swings, toys, slides, splash pool and a large sand pit.

    The Nurtuary School
    Plot No. 1, Near Royal Estate 2
    Peer Muchalla, Sector-5, Zirakpur
    Call: +91 8054030304